Aboriginal Heritage Act – draft Regulations and Guidelines for public consultation

Recent amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act, which make various decision-making processes under the Act more inclusive of Aboriginal people, have prompted changes to the associated Regulations and six new Guidelines.
The draft Regulations specify:

  • what is required for an application to register as a Recognised Aboriginal Representative Body (RARB)
  • what information must be contained on the Register of RARBs, Register of Aboriginal Agreements and Register of Aboriginal Sites and Objects
  • details of what must be included in a Local Heritage Agreement
  • prescribed fees

Meanwhile, the Guidelines are given legal force in certain limited circumstances. In particular, developers and miners should be aware of the ‘Division A2 Agreements’, ‘Local Heritage Agreements’ and ‘Negotiating in Good Faith’ Guidelines.
For further information, see the State Government’s ‘yourSAy’ website.
Click the following link to access the draft Regulations and Guidelines, in a combined document.
Submissions on the Regulations and Guidelines are open until 5pm, Sunday 18 December 2016.
For assistance in preparing a submission, please contact James Levinson on 8212 9777.