Development Plan Amendments

Development Plans are planning policy documents that guide the assessment of development throughout South Australia. They are regularly updated through a formal Development Plan Amendment (DPA) process prescribed by the Development Act. The DPA process can be initiated by either the Minister for Planning or the council of the area to be affected by the DPA. When the DPA will impact more than one council area, a DPA can be jointly initiated by multiple councils.

Once a DPA has been initiated, a document detailing the proposed amendments is prepared and made available to the public and relevant government agencies for consultation. The results of consultation are reviewed and the DPA may be updated to reflect the results. The Minister then either approves or refines the DPA.

Following approval, the DPA is published in the Government Gazette and the Development Plan is updated to incorporate the amendments.

A summary of the DPAs which have been recently announced, are on consultation, are under consideration by the Minister, and have recently been approved and consolidated. You can find the most recent updates here.

If you have any queries about any of these DPAs, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08 8212 9777.