EPA releases draft EP (Air Quality) Policy 2016 for consultation

The EPA has released a draft Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 for public consultation and invited public submissions.
The draft Policy is intended to replace the existing Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 1994.
The EPA will hold public consultation forums about the draft Policy during November 2015 at seven locations in rural and metro areas across the State.
Copies of the draft Policy and an explanatory report by the EPA are available here:  http://www.epa.sa.gov.au/our_work/have_your_say.
The draft Policy most notably includes a new power for the EPA to declare that localised air quality objectives apply for specific areas, various new controls on burning and for solid fuel heaters, updating of many outdated prescribed emission levels and new testing methods for pollutants discharged into the atmosphere.
The EPA’s public consultation period ends at 5pm on Friday 15 January 2016.  If you would like assistance drafting a submission or further information about the draft policy, please contact James Levinson or Tom Crompton on 8212 9777.