Development & Project Approvals

From residential developments to major infrastructure projects, we provide advice and representation for all phases of feasibility, strategy, approvals, implementation and compliance for development projects. We have experience across a range of industries including renewables, road, rail, water (marina and harbour), air transport, waste treatment, disposal and recycling facilities, energy generation and distribution, primary production and water supply.

Our major development and planning experience includes:

  • Structuring and preparing applications for development approval;
  • Lodging and responding to representations on development applications;
  • Council Development Plan interpretation and development potential advice;
  • Land division applications, community title scheme descriptions and by-laws;
  • Drafting infrastructure agreements, bonding agreements, land management agreements and other development related documents;
  • Representation before Council Development Assessment Panels, the Development Assessment Commission, Local Heritage Advisory Committee and others;
  • Environment Resources and Development Court appeals and defending enforcement proceedings;
  • Major project applications and assessments;
  • Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Control referrals and assessments;
  • Real property law advice (rights of way, encumbrances, encroachments etc);
  • Local government law advice (opening and closing roads, review of local government decisions etc);
  • Advice and submissions on Development Plan Amendments;
  • Advice and submissions on local and State heritage listing.