Land Due Diligence & Audit

We act for anyone who is considering purchasing land and seeking to undertake due diligence on that prospective purchase.

We utilise our broad areas of property expertise to provide comprehensive and strategic appraisals of the risks, constraints and development potential of land.

Our due diligence expertise includes an analysis of:

  • The extent of existing use rights for land;
  • Potential envisaged land uses or constraints within current, and future, planning policy;
  • The approval pathways and potential procedural hurdles likely to be faced by a proposal;
  • The prospects of obtaining approval for a particular development and the likely assessment timeframes;
  • Local government law advice (road infrastructure, rating etc);
  • Site contamination impacts and environmental licencing issues;
  • Real property law advice (constraints imposed by any encroachments or registered or statutory easements over the land etc); and
  • Water entitlements.

We also assist in the review and drafting of contracts, agreements and special conditions particularly addressing development or environmental issues and liabilities associated with the sale or leasing of land.