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In accordance with the National Privacy Principles we advise that we collect information about you for the purpose of providing and offering legal services and that if you do not provide the information we require, our ability to provide services to you may be affected. Various laws require the collection of information depending on what is appropriate in particular circumstances. We will, as far as is possible, maintain personal information in confidence. However it may be necessary for such information to be disclosed to other organisations in the course of or for the purpose of providing legal services or in accordance with the conduct of our legal practice. These other organisations may include other parties involved in your case, other lawyers, conveyancers, government departments, courts, barristers, experts and other advisers, our auditors, external consultants, the Law Society and other organisations or entities providing services to us. If you provide personal information to us about a third party who is an individual, we ask that you inform them that we are holding such information, of how we will use and disclose it and of that person’s rights to contact us to gain access to and correct and update information as set out in this privacy statement.

You can gain access to the information we hold about you by contacting the Practice Manager, Botten Levinson by letter to GPO Box 1042, Adelaide  SA  5001  or by email .

If you do not want to receive information or promotional material from us, please let us know.

This privacy statement is provided on behalf of and applies to Botten Levinson and Benlar Services Trust, a related entity which provides administrative services to Botten Levinson.

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